Become a Principal for Possibility

The Partners for Possibility Programme exists for the sole purpose of supporting and equipping school principals of under-resources schools for their roles, through partnerships with government and business. The PfP programme further strives to provide opportunities for active citizenship around schools to improve the quality of education of our country.

Maybe you are someone who’s been thinking about contributing your skills and services toward this very purpose?

You’re a School Principal. You’ve been tasked with the greatest turnaround project of all time at your school – leading change and improving educational outcomes. You feel passionate about education and want to do this, but do not always feel equipped to do so. Through the Partners for Possibility initiative, you get someone to partner with you, to talk to and strategize for change in your school. If this sounds like what you need, the Partners for Possibility is project just what you need!

Fill out a Principal for Possibility application form here.