What We Do

There is a direct correlation between good school leadership and educational outcomes. Most School Principals in South Africa have not been equipped with the skills & knowledge for their critically important leadership role. Partners for Possibility is specifically designed to address this: Principals are partnered in a co-action and co-learning partnership with Business Leaders who bring their knowledge and skills about change leadership to the school.

Mobilising citizens and communities to partner with principals and teachers to educate our children…

Principals and Business Leaders work together to lead change at four levels of the school system:

1. Principal – we need our Principals to be confident and energized to lead;

2. School Management Team – Business leaders help Principals to develop the School Management Team into a cohesive and aligned team;

3. Community of Teachers – Principals and Business Leaders work together to re-energize and re-engage the school management teams at the schools;

4. Community of Parents & other citizens around the schools.
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